The Basis activities in the SAP business are numerous and varied. OCL has been working in this area for over 6 years and can offer a wide variety of skills

Implementation of SAP releases and upgrades:

  • Consulting partner for installation and upgrades.
  • Sandbox/Prototype your solutions/upgrades on our hardware. We can use our hardware to showcase or develop what your next upgrade would look like – without effecting your current environment.

SAP architecture

  • Designing the best SAP landscape for our customers needs.
  • Implementing best practice in the support of the systems architecture.
  • Defining and putting into practice development support guidelines to reduce maintenance and associated costs of upgrading SAP in the future.

Interface architecture and technologies

  • Traditional design (SAP Batch)
  • ALE
  • .Bapi
  • Desktop Office Integration (DOI) – this provides a hybrid solution where the best of both desktop applications and R/3 are integrated to provide a seamless solution.