Business Scenario

The starting point of any Test Case definition activity is the To-Be Business Process from which Business Scenario are in turn inferred. There usually are 2 mains types of business scenario:

  • Unit scenario:¬†describing te process at the task level
  • End-to-End scenario:¬†describing a complete business process, and made of a chain of unit scenario.



The unit scenario describes the basic business process activities and the work steps involved in the proposed To-Be system thus providing the basis for mapping to SAP and later for determining the necessary customizing of SAP and extension or modifications that will also need to be developed.


The End to End Scenarios contain the link of unit scenarios in order to reflect a complete picture of the business transactions in the new system. This integration is important for ensuring the coherence of the total design/architecture of the future system and will be the basis for building the end to end test cases to validate it.


Both types of scenario must be created and validate with the end-user and the business process owners.