ODW – Architecture

ODW is developed with an API first approach.  This means that its functions are developed as API’s and then a UI layer is used to utilise these API’s to complete the required tasks

Why API-First

With all the main functions exposed as API’s then it means that the solution can be embedded in current or new devops processes. For example if a customer has a tool like Jira or ServiceNow for enabling Agile methodology, then ODW can easily be added into any process controlled by these tools. The below diagram shows how other pipelines, our UI5 gui or ServiceNow etc are equally supported by the ODW API Hub.


ODW is delivered using Docker technology. It is made up of 4 components, all of which are available as open source. Customers can use all four, or can easily configure the system to use components they already have (i.e. user their own Jenkins)

  • Automation – Jenkins is used for this
  • API Hub – this is created using NodeJS
  • Persistence – MySQL is used, but other SQL DB’s can be used
  • Binary Repository – Artifactory (others coming soon)

The below diagram shows this docker approach

ODW on Docker