ODW – Deployment

Here is a brief overview on how a typical deployment can happen.

Deploy Packages in 3 simple steps

A Package in ODW is a set of components that should be deployed together. This could be a project release, or even some components which must be deployed together.

A package is deployed in 3 simple steps

  1. Create the package choosing which components are to be include
  2. Choose the destination (or destinations) for the deployment of the package
  3. Decide when this deployment should happen

As a brief demo of how this can be done, the below video shows this in action. This package will deploy a Portal (Fiori Launch Pad), 3 HTML5 apps, and a JCU (Java Compute Unit) component. All six components will be deployed together to a selected destination. Note: multiple destinations can be chosen but for this demo we will only select one.

Music: www.bensound.com

Tracking or Audit Trail

The Deployment List View, shows a complete list of which components were deployed to which tenants. This list can be filtered by project/release or target tenant.