Check out some FAQ’s below, please get in touch with any other queries you may have using the Contact form provided.


Your pet is welcome as our gardens are totally fenced. As a courtesy to other tenants, please remember to clean behind your pets.


Children of all ages are welcome. The swimming pool area is fenced off and can only be accessed by a child-safe gate. Cot, bath and other baby equipment can be provided upon request.

Arrival and departure procedures

Unless previously negotiated, rentals begin at 4pm on the day of arrival and finish at 11am on the last day of the rental.

The keys will be handed over by appointment.


Payment is expected at the latest upon arrival during key handovers. We accept cash or cheques in Euros. A deposit of 25% will be requested upon booking.


According to French legislation, all renters are required by law to be insured for any damage they may cause to the property. In fact, you may be asked to show a proof of insurance. In addition, the liability coverage included such policies will also cover any damage or loss that you may cause to others, no matter where it occurs. This third-party liability coverage would provide valuable protection if you ever were held responsible for an accidental injury or damage to others due to negligence.

For EEC members, you can purchase temporary housing insurance and Private life personal liability protection by using these web sites:




Following the law order of January 2004, the swimming pool has been been secured with a child proof fence and gate. It is your responsibility to ensure that the gate is kept closed at all times.

The pool measures roughly 7 meters by 3.5 meters wide. The maximum depth is 1.6 meters.

The pool is cleaned before your arrival and usually once a week, unless weather conditions require more attention.


Although there are effectively 2 apartments in the villa, each enjoy complete privacy with separate entrances, gardens and amenities.

The pool is exclusively available to the occupants of the main apartment which is the one you will be renting.


The person in charge of the rentals is:  XXXX

Accommodation ratings

We are affiliated to the Union D√©partementale des Offices de Tourisme et Syndicats d’Initiative des Alpes Maritimes. Their representatives will conduct regular inspections of the accommodations to ensure that the environment, furnishings, facilities and services meet tourists requirements. There are 5 grades of accommodation: NC, 1, 2, 3, or 4 stars.

Our accommodation has been rated 4 stars.


The Villa is situated in town but offers a private parking area which can easily accommodate 2 cars. This area is secured by a lockable gate.

In case of problems

If there are problems please contact the person in charge of rentals as soon as possible. Usually problems can be solved quickly and allow your stay to continue.


Clean linens will be provided upon your arrival: bed sheets, towels, dish cloths, napkins and table cloth.

Cleaning products

Previous tenants may have left you some cleaning products but you will need to purchase your own.


The telephone is available with the Telesejour formula:

– only emergency out-going calls are freely allowed (fire, police, ambulance, …etc)

– all in-coming calls are allowed (even international)

– for other out-going calls, a telephone card can be purchased at news agents or other local shops.


With the villa being located very close to the town centre, many shops are within walking distance. One ATM, bureau de tabac and 2 boulangeries are 5 minutes away on foot. For more details, see our Attractions page.