Test Organizer

The success of testing will depend on the quality of the planning made before creating the test cases. From the test planning stage onwards, the Test Organiser will provide a tool to structure, organise, manage and monitor the test.

  • Tests are created and organised Test Catalogues, in a hypertext structure. Tests can be : automated CATT procedures, manual tests or external applications.
  • Tests are managed and documented in Test Plans and Test Packages. A Test Plan will be a view of a Test Catalogue, created for a specific test phase. The Test Plan is further defined per tester via Test Packages, where the result of each test including status and a possible reference to an internal or external problem number can be logged. Online views of the progress of individual test plans or test packages are provided, with percentages of tests OK, Untested, in Error, etc…
  • From release 4.5A, the storage and management of Test Catalogues, Test Plans and Test Packages has changed. Test Catalogues created in previous releases can be migrated into the new store. Important customizing will be necessary to set up the new Test Workbench. New Test Catalogues must be included into the SAP application hierarchy to be able to use it.

New Test Organiser functions in release 4.6C

  • Status Infosystem: allows to analyse several test plans together
  • Display tester worklist: the list is displayed as an ABAP List View (ALV) list. The user can define his own worklist format, showing and hiding fields in the list.
  • Test Package management: new flags to indicate the release or the lock (stop) of a Test Package.